• Anamika Bhinde

Creative ideas of famous interior designers near me

The popular styles of residential interior design keep changing quite frequently. An interior décor trend which is extremely popular today might become totally obsolete tomorrow. So, it is an additional job of the professional interior designers to analyze and determine which of the popular interior décor ideas would have a longer life span, so that the décor of a house does not go out of vogue. Anyway, in recent times, a few fresh ideas of interior designing have come up, which are quite simple yet elegant in nature. These ideas have the capability of transforming a traditionally designed home into a modern living space. The most popular of these ideas are as follows:

  1. Minimalism

Minimalism is a modern design trend which has swept every aspect of human life in recent years. In interior designing too, minimalism has started holding a very important place. Famous interior designers find implementing a minimalist design quite challenging and intriguing at the same time. A minimalist interior designers near me has the capability of making a living space look chic, sophisticated and ultra-modern.

2. Asymmetry

There has been a core theory that beauty is defined by symmetry. However, if asymmetry is done well, it can surpass the aforementioned theory of beauty. It is very important that the viewer must understand that the asymmetry is all intentional and not a mistake in the décor. Modern interior designers do know how to create asymmetry in a remarkable way. In recent years, asymmetry has emerged as symbol of the quirkiness and out-of-the box thinking in interior designing.

3. Geometrical patterns

Complex and flowery patterns on different elements of a home décor is a thing of the past. Today, modern interior designs are defined by simple geometry based patterns. Some interior designers believe that the geometrical pattern selected for a particular residence should be uniform everywhere. Again, some designers are of the opinion that multiple and if possible, conflicting geometric patterns should be applied in different elements of the décor.

4. Natural illumination

This is a design idea which has been appreciated across the globe. Instead of heavy lighting equipment, modern interior designers are focusing on redirecting sunlight as the primary means of illumination. This is done with the help of large outdoor facing windows and generous use of mirrors. A house designed with natural illumination in mind looks the best which other natural elements such as house plants and indoor creepers are included.

5. Raw look

Another design idea which is quite new but gaining popularity is the act of leaving décor elements seemingly unfinished and incomplete. Just like asymmetry, this design idea is quirky and provides the entire décor a very raw and natural look.

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